Our Services

Corporate Services

Corporate Services is one of the fastest growing industries in Malta. Being a member of the European Union, having an excellent and well-respected regulator, having a competent and highly-skilled workforce and a favourable taxation system makes Malta a very attractive jurisdiction.

Bencini Demajo Corporate Services Ltd. offer a variety of Corporate Services in Malta ranging from Company Incorporation, Company Redomiciliation, Company Management, Accounting and Tax Services, Directorship & Company Secretarial Services as well as Registered Office Services.

Trusts & Fiduciary

As part of our wide range of corporate services, through our fully licensed partner companies, we procure fiduciary services whereby we arrange for a nominee shareholder to hold shares in a company which we have incorporated as well as assisting our clients on the structuring and creation of Malta trusts including trust-management and administration service.

Fund Registration

Over the last couple of years, Malta has established itself as a fund domicile of international repute, serving domestic, European and international markets.

The fund sector is the fastest growing financial sector in Malta. In 1995 there were only 5 licensed Collective Investment Schemes (CIS) in Malta, and by 2012, this number has grown to more than 500.

Bencini Demajo can assist you in setting up your fund in Malta as well as assisting you in appointing a fund administrator, should you choose to do so.

Maritime Services

Bencini Demajo offers a variety of professional services and expertise in areas of flag registration, tax structures, financing, technical and management services in relation to any particular aspect of the yachting industry.

Aviation Services

Our services in the aviation industry range from the registration of the appropriate corporate structures, registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages to the coordination of mro services which may be required on such aircraft.

Tax & Accounting Services

Bencini Demajo Corporate Services Ltd. offers a team of fully qualified accountants which handle all the accounting and tax requirements of the companies under our care and ensures the preparation of accurate and timely financial statements.

Relocation Services

People relocate to another country for a variety of reasons, such as seeking a new lifestyle, looking for a retirement place, taking up a new job, seeking a better education and environment for the children, seeking to benefit from tax incentives – the list may go on and on. We are in a position to assist you in relocating to Malta and to provide you with all the necessary consultation you may require.