Aviation | Aircraft Registration Services

The Malta AIrcraft Registration Act came into force on the 1st October 2010. The aim of this act is to regulate :

  1. the registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages.
  2. the aircraft register.
  3. the recordation and enforcement of aircraft mortgages and other interests.
  4. the special priviliges on aircraft.
  5. the ranking of secured creditors.
  6. the implementation of the Cape Town Convention and the aircraft protocol and its interface with domestic law.

An aircraft may be registered by :

  1. The owner of the aircarft who operates it.
  2. The owner of an aircraft which is still under construction or is temporarily not being operated or managed.
  3. An operator of an aircraft under a temporary title who satisfies the conditions as may be prescribed. In othere words, by a trustee on behalf of certain beneficiaries.
  4. A buyer of an aircraft under a conditional sale or title reservation agreement which satisfies the conditions which may be prescribed and who is authorised to operate the aircraft.

Bencini Demajo offers a wide range of services in the aviation industry including the registration of the appropriate corporate structures, registration of aircraft and aircraft mortgages as well as the coordination of mro services which may be required on such aircraft.