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Earlier this year the Malta flag has been confirmed as the largest merchant flag in Europe and the seventh largest flag in the world. Superyachts flying the recognizable Malteseeight-pointed cross saw a prominent increase, with the close of 2011 seeing nearly 300 superyachts registered under the Malta flag.

The Paris Memorandum of Understanding on Port State Control (Paris MoU) has officially placed Malta on the White Listthelist of the low risk flags of registry under the new inspection regime. This means that yachts flying the Malta flag are less subject to be targeted and inspected by Port State Control, due to the high standards and reputation enjoyed by the Malta flag.

Malta has from inception of the yachting sector in its market, sought to establish specialised legislation with respect to the workings of superyachts, as well as an equally identifiable practical approach by the Maltese administration which has altogether strengthened the validity and worth of the flag State. The Authority for transport in Malta recognizes the unique nature and use of yachts as distinct from that of other vessels and delivers a service in line with the high standards and rapid time-frames required by the industry.

The advantages of flying the Malta flag are indeed numerous. While boasting an internationally recognized jurisdiction and adherence to EU legislation, the MalteseRegistry also offers efficient and effective services with the further attraction of non-burdensome registration costs.

Maltese law enables all persons and corporate entities of any nationality to own and operate a Maltese registered yacht. Malta does not restrict or enlist specific requirements in relation to the nationality of crew members working on board Maltese flagged yachts. Other restrictions not imposed by the Malta flag include: no restrictions on the sale and registration of mortgages and no restrictions while sailing to any ports worldwide.

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