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What are the advantages of acquiring a new build yacht over an existing yacht?

Although due to shifts in market stability the trends of whether one should buy a new build yacht or an existing yacht have altered, there are advantages to both paths. While the acquisition of a new build yacht leads to having a choice of a custom or semi-custom made yacht and the securing of a prevailing warranty in respect to latent defects that may result in the yacht, existing yachts most of the time provide a better value for money and one can make use of the same within a shorter period of time than that applicable in respect of the construction of a new built yacht.

What is the rate by which the value of the yacht will decrease?

The yacht’s value might not decrease at all if the exclusive and luxury element of the yacht is maintained at good standards and if the yacht’s name is requested and viewed highly by the yachting industry. The value at which the yacht decreases depends highly on the specific yacht in question and the current market value.

What matters should I think ahead of acquiring a yacht?

The moment one has solidified one’s intentions to purchase a yacht one should ensure to set up a proper plan. This plan should include the following: financing arrangements, adequate insurance policy, opting for commercial or private use of the yacht, determining the ownership structure of the yacht, establishing the adequate tax structure to endorse in accordance with the determined use of the yacht, determining the choice of flag, establishing where the yacht will be moored, finding the adequate crew that will operate the yacht.

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