Corporate Services | Opening & Management of Bank Accounts

Malta’s banking industry is built on solid fundamental and sound systems which have seen it emerge unscathed from the recent Global Economic Recession. The effective and robust systems of the local banks together with their well-regulated nature, are all key factors which should protect them against the possible consequences of a financial crisis.

The main domestic banks in Malta are HSBC and Bank of Valletta who between them account for about 80% of the local consumer banking industry. There are also APS and Lombard bank who have a small number of branches located around the island.

Maltese banks offer a variety of services to both private and corporate clients. Prior to opening an operational bank account, certain regulations and conditions must be met. Particular importance is given to Anti-Money Laundering Procedures with emphasis placed on Know-Your-Client procedures.

We can assist you in the opening and management of your local bank accounts.